Clientele Sample

Selected Sample of Clientele for TISA Workshops and Consultations

New England Educational Institute
(Sponsors of the Cape Cod Symposia)
BlueCross/BlueShield of North Carolina
Professional Learning Center
Behavior OnLine, Inc.
(Sponsors of the Cape Code 2000 Series)
Kaiser Permanente
Department of Medicine
Los Angeles, California
Specialized Training Services of San Diego Mid-Atlantic Medical Services
Baltimore, Maryland
The Cambridge Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Psychiatry Department
Western Psychiatic Institute and Clinic
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Psychiatry Department
McMaster’s Muskoka Seminars
McMaster University Health Sciences
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Kaiser Permanente Vallejo
Vallejo, California
American College of Physicians
Michigan Branch
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(Sponsors, Family Practice Refresher Course)
Southeast Permanente Medical Group
Atlanta, Georgia
Psychiatric Hospital Dennenoord
Centennial Celebration
Zuidlaren, Holland
SmithKline Beecham
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Taos Pueblo Community Mental Health Ctr.
Taos, New Mexico
LifeWays, Inc.
Jackson, Michigan
Harvard Pilgrim Health
Boston, Massachusetts
Kaiser Permanente
Department of Internal Medicine
Washington, D.C.
Mayer, Flanagon, Scott, and Associates
Columbia, Missouri
Brattleboro Retreat
Brattleboro, Vermont
Oklahoma Institute for Mental Health Education and Training
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Brightside Series
Sisters of Providence
Behavioral Health Care
West Springfield, Massachusetts
The Master Therapists Series
Department pf Psychiatry
University of Connecticut
Marathon House
Drug and Rehabilitation Center
Dublin, New Hampshire
Association of Community Health Centers of Kansas, Inc.
Topeka, Kansas
Human Services, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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