Transforming Anger and Resistance with Patients and Family

    SPEAKER: Shawn Christopher Shea, M.D.

    LENGTH: One and One-Half Hours


  1. Be able to creatively transform angry encounters into meaningful interactions.
  2. Be able to utilize Leston Haven's "counter-projective" technique for deflecting patient guardedness and suspiciousness.
  3. Be able to utilize content, process, and side-tracking techniques for transforming resistance with patients and family.
  4. Be able to utilize practical strategies for handling angry patient demands, challenges to the physician's competence, or other awkward questions that put the physician or nurse "on the-spot".

What Others are Saying

"One of the absolute best workshops I've ever seen. Practical information presented in a dynamic and fast-paced style. Only a very few workshops significantly change what I do on a daily basis. This one did."

            Dennis Swartout, M.D.,
            Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

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