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Praise from Across Disciplines:

“Invaluable information, presented by a speaker who was tremendously engaging, personal, and dynamic.”

Nick Miraidi, Ph.D.
Licensed psychologist

“One of the most effectively taught continuing education programs I’ve attended in twelve years. Practical interviewing and supervision techniques taught with a refreshing sense of humor and humanity.”

Susan Rice, L.I.C.S.W.

“This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. Extremely practical and imminently useful – lively and fun to boot!”

Reverend Ken Stecher, M.A., M.S.W.
Catholic Priest

“Easy to follow, beautifully organized. Both tremendously practical and tremendously fun. It was the most informative workshop I’ve ever attended.”

Jane R. Kenney, M.S.W., C.S.W.

“I’ve been coming to the Cape Cod Symposia for many summers and, simply put, Dr. Shea’s presentation was the best yet. Practical, fun, and of immediate use.”

David Drossner, Ph.D., Psychology

“The most clinically relevant workshop I’ve ever attended. I can recommend it strongly for both the novice and seasoned clinician.”

Jane Miceli, M.D., Psychiatrist

“These workshops were the best we’ve ever attended–very enjoyable, informative, useful, and fun!”

Janice Jones, L.C.S.W
Phillip Jones, L.P.C.

“Both very user friendly and immediately useful! One of the most high- level, succinctly presented, workshops on extremely challenging material that I have ever attended.”

Elaine Rotenberg, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
Alpert Jewish Family and Children’s Center

“I enjoyed your workshop very much–it was tremendously useful and will provide much that I can use in my daily practice.”

David Paddock, M.S.W.

“I’ve been taught object relations on numerous occassions at both the undergraduate and graduate level. This is the first time ever that it was clear, logical, and above all, practical.”

Anne Diaz, M.S.N., M.F.T.
Nurse, therapist, and teacher

“Excellent integration of theoretical and pragmatic Concepts deftly presented and reinforced well with role play and examples. Probably the single best didactic seminar yet for me in this residency.”

Bruce Wright, M.D., Psychiatric Resident

“Very helpful, practical. I feel this will be applicable immediately and will be profoundly useful.”

Paul Maguire, M.D., Psychiatric Resident

“Superb presenter.”
“Well organized, dynamic.”
“Informative and vivid presentation.”

Comments from participants at a workshop for
Harvard Community Health Plan

“A refreshing approach to presenting clinically relevant material. I especially appreciated the sense of compassion displayed and the holistic perspective modeled.”

Patricia Quinlan, R.N. M.S.W.
School Social Worker

“Dr. Shea’s workshops are fun and informative. In addition to teaching a variety of very practical interviewing techniques, he is an open and delightful presenter.”

Linda A. Guttman, Psy.D.

“I’ve been a nurse for ten years and have often felt trapped by the rigid medical model. I was relieved to hear an M.D. using a holistic approach to assessing clients. Dr. Shea is a brilliant and inspiring presenter who displayed both humor and humaness.”

Peggy Foley, R.N., M.S.W. student

“Very helpful. Feels like I may finally be able to get through some of the “mystery” of interviewing because I can talk about it in a logical way.”

Wendy Barros, M.D., Psychiatric Resident

“The single best didactic experience of the past year.”

Cynthia Cushman, M.D., Psychiatric Resident

“The first all day workshop that kept me interested every single moment.”

Mary Ann Kelley, R.N., M.A.

“As a nurse psychotherapist, this seminar was the most excellent and comprehensive presentation of critical information for improving my clinical work that I’ve ever experienced.”

Judith Kratec, M.A., M.S.W., R.N., C.S.

“An outstanding presentation, filled with very practical techniques, presented in an organized manner by an energetic and enthusiastic presenter.”

Steve Priebe, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist


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