Five Secrets for Uncovering Sensitive Material

    SPEAKER: Shawn Christopher Shea, M.D.

    LENGTH: One and One-Half Hours


  1. Understand and recognize the following interviewing techniques for increasing validity: the Behavioral Incident, Shame Attenuation, Gentle Assumption, Symptom Amplification, and Denial of the Specific.
  2. Understand the theory behind the use of these techniques for uncovering valid information when exploring sensitive areas such as medication noncompliance, symptom minimization, domestic violence, substance abuse, suicide, and sociopathy.
  3. Utilize a flexible strategy for weaving the above five validity techniques into an effective method of uncovering sensitive material while maintaining a powerful engagement (videotaped patient demonstration).

What Others are Saying

"An excellent and truly dynamic speaker, who provided very practical information that was entirely pertinent to my practice. Highly recommended."